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3-Minute Thesis Award

Congratulations to Evan Gerbo for winning the 3-Minute Thesis Award!

Evan is an Architectural Engineering student from Placerville, CA who completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees through the blended program here at Cal Poly. With his Master's degree, he will continue his education and pursue his Ph.D. at Notre Dame University. There he will be researching bridges that can be quickly installed after natural disasters to aid in recovery efforts or by the military for temporary access.

In terms of my experience at Cal Poly, in a word it has been great.  I have felt inspired by my professors to push myself and strive to do the best I can.  I have always enjoyed working on extra projects that allow for more individual exploration of a topic, and this has been not only allowed but encouraged during my time here.  One such instance is that I was able to work on the shake table in the ARCE department with a few mechanical engineers to make our older analog shake table run earthquake motions by adding a computer and a data acquisition system.  Another instance was a project I worked on studying how to use genetic algorithms to increase a structure's efficiency.

In everything I've done at Cal Poly I have felt fully supported and encouraged, and I would not have gotten to the point I'm at today without Cal Poly.

– Evan Gerbo

The $1000 award can be applied towards conference fees, travel and lodging costs for the next year. Watch the video below to learn more about his thesis on Structural Damage Detection Utilizing Modal Behavior.

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