BMS (Blended Programs)

Revised 05/17/16

Academic Objectives

  • To provide an accelerated route to a graduate degree, with simultaneous awarding of both bachelor’s and master’s degrees
    • In most cases, to allow for the possibility of students’ earning graduate credit for several of their senior electives, effectively decreasing the summed unit requirements for both degrees
    • To provide a seamless process whereby students can progress from undergraduate to graduate status without having to apply through the Admissions Office (thereby eliminating the need to pay the application fee)
  • To provide a meaningful capstone experience that in some cases integrates the senior project with the graduate thesis/project
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Definition of BMS Degree Objective

  • Joint (blended) BS/MS
  • No “formal” application made through Admissions; no application fee
  • Under Title V, minimum of 225 total units required (BS 180 + MS 45)
  • Major code (HEGIS code) of BMS is typically the same as that for both BS and MS (except that, where BS differs from MS, BMS code corresponds to that of the MS)
  • BMS matriculation is “Graduate”
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Admission to BMS Program

  • Individual programs will determine the criteria for admission to a BMS program.
  • Upon acceptance into a program, the Graduate Coordinator will notify the Office of Graduate Education of this decision. Students who have exceeded the maximum number of units allowable (see eligibility requirements below) cannot pursue the BMS degree objective.
  • Admission to a BMS program does not constitute recognition of BMS status (graduate status) by the Office of Academic Records. Students will be considered to be formally pursuing the BMS Degree Objective when they change their status from undergraduate to BMS (graduate).
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Eligibility for change of status to the BMS Degree Objective

The following are minimum eligibility requirements:

  1. Successful completion of a minimum of 180 or a maximum of 192 units (maximum 205 in Engineering). These units must count towards the undergraduate degree.
  2. Cannot enter BMS if maximum number of units exceeded (as defined in #1).
  3. Minimum 3.0 GPA in the last 90 quarter-units attempted. Note that students, once admitted to graduate standing, must maintain a 3.0 GPA or better in courses that appear on the Formal Study Plan.
  4. Prior completion of the GWR is required.
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Process for Changing Status and Minimum Duration of Status

  1. Student makes request to department/graduate coordinator for change of degree objective to BMS. A Formal Study Plan (graduate) is prepared. This is submitted to the Graduate Education Office before 12 graduate units have been completed.
  2. Department/graduate coordinator, with assistance of Evaluations, determines whether student meets eligibility criteria (see above). If criteria are met, coordinator sends Change of Objective form to Office of Graduate Education.
  3. Students must be matriculated for at least two academic quarters in BMS status. Change in status will take effect the quarter following the one in which the request is received by the Records Office.
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Process to Award Both Degrees

  1. The student must have a Formal Study Plan submitted to and approved by the Graduate Education Office (only for courses counting toward MS); have been “Advanced to Candidacy”; and have a minimum 3.0 GPA in courses counting toward the MS.
  2. The student applies to graduate in the 4+1 program (BS & MS) by submitting a Request for Graduation Evaluation to the Office of Academic Records when all requirements in #1 above have been completed. This request should be submitted at least one quarter prior to graduation.
  3. When all requirements have been met for both degrees, Records re-opens undergraduate matriculation (secondary), posts the undergraduate degree, then completes graduate matriculation (primary).
  4. Both degrees are awarded at the same time and graduation ceremony.
  5. If student fails to complete MS requirements, but completes undergraduate degree requirements, the undergraduate matriculation can be re-opened in order to grant the BS degree.
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