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Continuous Enrollment Policy

Effective Fall Quarter 2009, graduate students are required to maintain continuous enrollment from the time of first enrollment in a graduate program until completion of the degree. Continuous enrollment is defined as being enrolled during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters each year. Students can maintain continuous enrollment either by being enrolled as a regular student; obtaining approval for an education or medical leave prior to the quarter when such a leave would begin; or by registering in a special course designated for this purpose, during quarters in which they are not regularly enrolled. The special course, GS 597, is listed in the University catalog and is taken through Cal Poly Extended Education. GS 597 is a one-unit course, at a cost of $289 per unit, offered credit/no credit; credits in GS 597 do not count toward meeting degree requirements. Students who fail to fulfill this continuous enrollment requirement will be not be permitted to graduate, even if all degree requirements have been completed, until payment has been made for all quarters of non-enrollment. This requirement is not retroactive to terms prior to Fall 2009. In addition, all graduate students must be enrolled the quarter they graduate.

For more information and a registration form, go to the Continuous Enrollment page.

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