Professional Certificate in Packaging for Logistics and Supply Chains

Packaging Value Chain Certificates

Through a world-class, instructor-led, online education, the professional certificates offered via the MS in PVC program provide coursework leading to comprehensive understanding of the critical subsets of the packaging value proposition in the global context. The online coursework is planned around the critical skills, knowledge, theories, and abilities required to master the value addition potential of packaging in the global markets. The curriculum is designed to incorporate input activities carried out to create value for all players in the packaging value chain.

Certificate students are prepared through an elite learn-by-doing polytechnic experience to promote transference of learning to their workplace while providing them opportunities to assume leadership roles and advance their careers. Salary survey reports project up to a 12% increase in additional compensation and an average compensation of ~$120,000 for respondents with additional graduate studies, analogous to the PVC Certificates, relative to undergraduate degrees in packaging or equivalent disciplines.

If a student intends to use successfully undertaken certificate courses towards obtaining the MS PVC degree, he/she will be subject to the admission criteria for the MS degree. Students may transfer the course credit for the two certificates (16 units) towards the MS PVC degree contingent on being formally accepted into the program.

Program Description

This certificate provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the impact of commoditization of packaging on its value proposition through distribution, logistics and the supply channel operations on the global platform.

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Courses Units
GSP 530 Packaging Value Chain 2
GSP 535 Packaging Value in Logistics and Supply Chain Managment 3
ITP 537 Distribution Pacaging for Business Managers 4
Total Units: 9

Course Description


Packaging value chain from raw material supplier to retailers in the context of meeting current needs within the packaging arena. Global exploration of value chain strategies to increase innovation, sustainability, cost savings, quality, organizational agility, and responsiveness.


Integrated view of procurement, operations and logistics management. Management of the flow of products from raw material sourcing and acquisition through delivery to the final user. Capturing and understanding the value across these flows and how to increase it.


Physical properties of distribution packaging and equipment used in prototyping and testing of product-packaging systems for global supply chains. Application of packaging knowledge to solve distribution packaging problems in modern business, with a view towards costs and environmental sustainability.

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Admission Requirements

Please refer to the Orfalea College of Business website for admissions information

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