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CSUMentor Application Instructions

How To Apply for Graduate Degree Programs

Download CSUMentor Application Instructions (pdf)

Step 1:

Go to the CSUMentor site.

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Step 2:

Click on the box containing the quarter you are applying for.

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Step 3:

Create an account. If you already have an account, sign in and skip to Step 6.

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Step 4:

Fill out the required information and proceed with "Next" through the "Create an account" process.

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Step 5:

After you have finished creating your account, click on the "Next Page" link to continue to the Graduate Application page.

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Step 6:

You should now be at the Graduate Application page, as seen below. If not, make sure you have logged in or created an account, and navigate to the application page.

Select "Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Graduate" from the list and click "[start new application]".

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Step 7:

IMPORTANT: Read ALL of the information in the Application Information box.

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Step 8:

Make sure to disable your popup blocker for this site, and click "Begin Graduate Application for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo" to start the application.

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Step 9:

On the first page, make sure to:

  • Select "Fall 2016" for the term you are applying for
  • Select the appropriate Major/Program objective

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Step 10:

There are 11 pages of information to fill out. Complete all of the required sections until you have reached the last step.

TIP: At any time, you can save your application or jump to a different page by using the navigation on the left side of the screen. It is highly advised that you save often to prevent losing information.

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Step 11:

Once you have reviewed your application on the last screen, click "Submit Your Completed Application".

Congrats! You have just finished the CSUMentor application process!

To complete your application for the program, you must also submit an ePortfolio on the program's Interfolio page. The links to each Interfolio page are listed on the Master's Degree Programs page.

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