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Civil & Environmental Engineering

MS Civil & Environmental Engineering


The M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering provides students with additional education for more complex areas of engineering, such as research and development, innovative design, and systems analysis. The program provides a more advanced foundation in the engineering skills needed to plan, design, construct, and maintain infrastructure at municipal and industrial facilities. Students can also focus on the inter-relationship of people, materials, and processes in a complex and changing environment. Topics of study include air and water pollution prevention and control, alternative energy and climate solutions, hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, nanotechnology applications, risk and safety analyses, seismic behavior, structural analysis, and sustainable infrastructure.

Environmental Engineering assistant professor Amro El Badawy working with civil engineering student

Blended Degree Option

This program offers a blended degree program for some Cal Poly undergraduate majors. Please see our Blended Programs page for more information about degree options, admission processes and deadlines.

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