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Electrical Engineering

MS Electrical Engineering


The M.S. in Electrical Engineering provides an opportunity for students to expand their expertise in these strategic areas: electric power systems, radio frequency and microwave design, signal processing, computational intelligence, and machine learning, and computer system on a chip design. The program provides job-entry education for the more complex areas of engineering, such as development, innovative design, systems analysis and design; updating and upgrading opportunities for practicing engineers; and graduate preparation for further studies at the doctoral level. It takes 45 units of study to complete the MS degree with the culminating experience being a thesis or a comprehensive exam.

Students are working on thermal analysis of a 3U spacecraft and testing of maximum power point tracking based electrical power subsystem for the handling of 100W

Blended Degree Option

This program offers a blended degree program for some Cal Poly undergraduate majors. Please see our Blended Programs page for more information about degree options, admission processes and deadlines.

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