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Environmental Sciences & Management

MS Environmental Sciences & Management

The M.S. in Environmental Sciences and Management degree is an interdisciplinary degree designed to provide core knowledge in research methods and planning, environmental science, and environmental management, while providing for sub-disciplinary environmental specialization through directed electives. Primary topics of sub-disciplinary studies are environmental management, forestry science, earth science, and soil science. The program prepares students for a broad range of careers in science, research, and environmental management. The program is open to students from any undergraduate major who have demonstrated high academic achievement. The program requires completion of a core curriculum (research skills, sciences, management) and directed electives for a total of 45 units. Students admitted to the program are expected to begin their studies in the fall quarter as a cohort, but students with prerequisite coursework deficiencies may be admitted in other quarters.

CAFES students with Dr. Bwalya Malama, monitoring a well on campus

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