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Food Science

MS Food Science


The M.S. in Food Science is designed to prepare individuals with advanced knowledge and skills in food science. Content knowledge includes expertise in food chemistry and food safety, as well as product and process development. The program prepares graduates for advancement, specialization, and leadership in food science careers and governmental agencies such as FDA or USDA. Within the program, students will be able to select one of several emphasis areas: Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology/Food Safety, Sensory/ Product Development, Sustainability, Dairy Food Science, and Meat Science. A unique feature of the program is a required course which focuses on sustainability in the food system. To our knowledge, this program is the only one in the nation where such a requirement has been implemented.

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Blended Degree Option

This program offers a blended degree program for some Cal Poly undergraduate majors. Please see our Blended Programs page for more information about degree options, admission processes and deadlines.

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