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Plant Protection Science

MS Agriculture, Specialization in Plant Protection Science

Approximately one-third of the world's food crops are destroyed each year by insects, rodents, disease and other pest organisms. Students in this specialization undertake the challenge of finding ways to reduce these losses. For students with undergraduate preparation in plant agriculture, plant science, biological sciences, and/or ecology. Current research is focused on pest biology, tritrophic interactions, invasive species, biological control and plant disease management. Projects provide the opportunity to conduct field and/or laboratory experiments with corporate stakeholders for career enhancement while also providing a deeper understanding of crop production principles, ecology, biotechnology, pesticide toxicology, and environmental science. Students develop more diverse or specialized skill sets for post-graduate employment and/or opportunity to obtain required coursework for state licensing via coursework and research. The PPS specialization requires a thesis.

Gerald Holmes, a professor in the Strawberry Center, and another individual studying strawberry plants in a field on campus

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