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MS Architecture


The M.S. in Architecture degree is a research program that provides an opportunity for specialization in six broad areas that are significant to the design and sustainment of the built environment: Innovating Material Practice; Design and Decision Systems; Computer-Aided Design; Building Science; Sustainable Architecture; and Facilities Management. Each of these areas encompasses a wide range of potential study topics that may be selected for in-depth research subject to the interests and desires of the individual graduate student. However, regardless of the selected research topic, students are expected to be knowledgeable of fundamental building science principles, and advanced information technology concepts.

Wood and plaster models created by architecture students displayed on the stairs of the Architecture & Environmental Design building

Blended Degree Option

This program offers a blended degree program for some Cal Poly undergraduate majors. Please see our Blended Programs page for more information about degree options, admission processes and deadlines.

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